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WSUS and Powershell

Don’t get me started on how bad of an interface WSUS has, if there is one product that could use a facelift it would be the WSUS admin mmc.  It may be a great product for managing a single company’s server update infrastructure, but it lacks when you expand that out to a multi-company model. Let me explain, I work for a large hosting provider. We have multiple customers who we manage with our WSUS infrastructure. Just looking at the WSUS server today we have over 500 groups defined with over 5000 patches in the system. WSUS does not provide a decent way to pull a report of say all patches that are approved and not installed on a specific group. The canned reports are lacking and slow.

Here comes powershell to the rescue.  A couple folks out in the ether have written some cool code to assist in getting metrics and reporting.

WSUS Powerpack

This utility is available here http://powergui.org/entry.jspa?externalID=2061&categoryID=21

This gives you some code examples as well as hooking into Quest’s PowerGUI application where you can run queries directly from the interface.

WSUS Admin Module

This utility is available here http://boeprox.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/wsus-administrator-module/

This is a module that you can load into your powershell session, which is makes it very desirable for my uses. With a couple of values provided I was able to quickly query the WSUS server to find out that not all of my customer’s servers are reporting to their group correctly. I can also with the same query dump a report of those servers that are having issues.


I am also working on a fellow co-workers powershell script to make it more modular and versatile for the masses to use.



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  1. 2011/03/12 at 18:21

    Powershell FTW!
    How about some code, Mr. Krull?
    Nice blog..make me want to pick mine back up again!.

    — Mark

  2. 2011/03/13 at 08:43

    Look at you getting all bloggy. Good post.

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